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I bought freedom and it comes with two wheels!

Last month I've finally purchased my first motorcycle. After almost two years of searching craigslist everyday, I finally found her. Shes a 1981 Yamaha XS400 special-II, she's 36 years old but runs like a beauty. Beat up but nothing a little tender loving care cant fix. The previous owner just didn't have time to ride her anymore, with his stable of multiple bikes, granny here just didn't get much attention. This is where I enter! Starry-eyed 27 year old, eager to chase where the sun kisses the horizon. With my appreciation for everything vintage, buying this old bike was a no-brainer.

Shes not super fast but shes also not a push over at 400cc. So far I've only reached 70mph, everything around you starts to get blurry. I can only imagine 100mph probably looks like warp speed. I didn't buy a motorcycle to go fast though. I needed a sense a freedom like no other. The open road looks completely different when you're on a motorcycle. I suggest you try to ride a motorcycle so you can find out what I mean. All my problems doesn't seem to matter once I get on my bike and the tires hit the pavement. I have nothing but a big smile on my face under my helmet.

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