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Pearse Abbey

Aside from photography, another thing I really enjoy is live music. Nothing beats a cold bear and soothing sounds on a Thursday night. Pearse Abbey performed their very first show in this very cozy restaurant called T.J. Elliots in Bowie, Maryland. From humble beginnings of playing in churches they have now officially launched as a full-fledged band. Surrounded by family and friend they kept the night going with great music and silly jokes.

Here are the talented pieces that make up Pearse Abbey:

Ara Flores - Vocals/Guitar

Enda Flores - Vocals

Aira Flores - Vocals

Audrey Gacusan - Vocals

Austin Flores - Guitar

Saul Cervantes - Guitar(He was proxy drummer in this photo)

Aj Cervantes - Bass

Kent Taguba & Ricmar Gacusan - Drummer and Keyboard

From the Beatles to Adele, Pearse Abbey kept the audience hooked for two and half hours with amazing covers. They even played one of my favorite Filipino song Gilid by Moonstar88. I cant wait to hear what original music this band will make in the future, you bet I will be there to photograph them. The rest of the photos are on my facebook.

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